Mid-long term Management Strategy

Mid- and Long-term Corporate Management Strategy(2016-2018)

Our group seeks further growth by setting the following items as the basic policy of the medium-term management strategy.

Basic Policy of Corporate Management

Our group will continue to make investment for achieving mid- and long-term growth based on the basic policy for corporate management. Specifically, the group will do R&D in new areas, including machine learning technology and Fintech, while it will promote continuing R&D investment in core businesses of OSS-related products, LifeKeeper, software products for MFP, Google Apps linked- SaaS Gluegent series, software products of PCI, and strengthening of marketing and sales capabilities.

Focusing Corporate Efforts

Our groups focuses efforts on

  1. globally securing human resources,
  2. strengthening group management,
  3. promotion of global business expansion, and
  4. strengthening compliance management.

Specifically, the group will deal with the following items.

1Globally securing human resources

Our group globally operates businesses in Japan, as well as the Americas, Europe, and the Asia/Oceania region. To achieve further growth in each area, it is essential to secure superior human resources. Therefore, the group will secure diverse human resources without regional restrictions.

2Strengthening group management

Our group provides optimal products and services according to the issues and needs of business and operations of client companies and seeks to maximize synergy on a group-wide basis by sharing and using advanced know-how and expertise of the group companies. The group also strives to reduce cost increases by standardizing and consolidating common operations and systems scattered within the group. It will continuously seek to maximize its value including costs.

3Promotion of global business expansion

Our group will increase global competitiveness by expanding the sales channel in the United States, Europe, and Asia and strengthen R&D in the United States.

4Strengthening compliance management

In addition to the strong promotion of the above-mentioned items (i)-(iii), our group will strive to promote fair and transparent business management by further strengthening compliance management.

Target Management Indices

Our group aims at achieving mid- and long-term development to grow into an entity reliable to society under a daily changing business environment. The group seeks further growth and strengthening of the business base by setting the two indices (i) sales and (ii) EBITDA as its significant management index.

Mid-long term financial plan

Mid-long term financial plan


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