CEO Message

CEO Message

I would like to provide you with a brief recap of the developments that took place in our business in 2015, and share with you our plans for 2016. 

SIOS Technology, Inc. was established as Ten Art-ni Corporation in 1997 to explore untapped business opportunities by leveraging Java and Linux technologies. We have since expanded the scope of our business, which has now been aligned into the web applications business segment and the open system infrastructure business segment.

In both of these segments, SIOS broadened its offerings of products and services in 2015:
・In  the web applications business, SIOS made a strategic move by acquiring Keyport Solutions, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as KPS) and Profit Cube Inc. (hereinafter referred to as PCI). KPS offers innovative services to its clients in the securities industry, and PCI provides advanced software products to banking institutions. The addition of these two companies to the SIOS Group enables us to significantly expand our business to offer web applications from those designed for specific business purposes—such as applications for multifunction printers and cloud applications that work with Google Apps—into applications designed for specific industries.
・In the open system infrastructure business, we launched SIOS iQ Standard Edition globally in 2015, which was the industry's first machine-learning software platform for IT operations analytics.  SIOS iQ Standard Edition is the first accomplishment born out of the research and development effort we initiated on machine-learning technology in 2013, and offers a multitude of benefits previously unavailable in the market.

While we are proud of these accomplishments in 2015, SIOS will become even more aggressive in going after new business opportunities in 2016. In the web applications business, we will leverage the Group's technological prowess, which has been greatly enhanced by the acquisition of KPS and PCI, to develop and offer exciting new products and services. In the open system infrastructure business, we will step up our efforts to broaden the customer bases  for SIOS iQ Standard Edition and for our popular LifeKeeper and will launch additional services around open-source software.
With these and other initiatives, SIOS strives to meet the goal of 10 billion yen in net sales on a consolidated basis for 2016 as called for by our medium-term business plan. For us, reaching the 10-billion-yen mark in sales is a just step toward adding even greater value to society.

We are committed to meeting your expectations going foward. 

January 2016
Nobuo Kita
Chief Executive Officer
SIOS Technology, Inc.


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